The Healing Tree

The Safe Ninos studio was a collaboration that came out of a multi-disciplinary class in ArtCenter College Design to help reimagine COANIQUEM in Chile, Santiago.

COANIQUEM provides restorative healing and comprehensive rehabilitation free of charge to thousands of seriously burned children each year. During a child's visit, a rehabilitation process that last for years as they go through a series of different treatment types each covering specific functions. To the younger kids, who are COANIQUEM's main patients, they're just rooms they have to go into and treatment they have to do. During our time in Chile, we asked:

How can we transform a pediatric burn rehabilitation centre, COANIQUEM, in Santiago into a space that inspires young patient's with imagination and encourages treatment?

Our collaboration with COANIQUEM led to a team of designers to reimagine the clinical setting as a narrative to using the power of story and characters to foster play and imagination for kids needing treatment.

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ArtCenter Design Environmental Design


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Environmental Design


User Experience

Creative direction

Special thanks to COANIQUEM

Successfully installed in COANIQUEM's healing center in Chile, Santiago. This collaboration was so impactful and would not have been made possible without the help of a community of people.

Special thanks to ArtCenter Design, Designmatters, and the instructors Penny Gerscivitch, Dan Gottlieb, and Stella Hernandez-Salazar

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